PUK President says he had returned to Sulaimani from trip abroad for medical purposes

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President on Thursday announced that he had returned to Sulaimani from a trip abroad for medical purposes.

Earlier yesterday his press office revealed that Talabani received senior security officials and commanders from the Commando forces, Counter-Terrorism Units (CTG), Asayish, and the Unit 70 Peshmerga forces, in Sulaimani’s Dabashan area.

“President Talabani welcomed the Director of Information Agency, the chief of staff of Unit 70 forces, CTG Director, the Deputy Commander of the Commando forces, and Sulaimani Asayish Director,” his press office said in a statement.

“In a meeting, in addition to asking about his health conditions and greetings upon President Talabani’s return, the attendees hoped for his recovery and well-being for the treatments that he recently received,” it added.

In the meantime, “President Talabani commended the security forces who are tirelessly working to maintain people’s tranquility and the Kurdistan Region’s stability,” according to the statement.

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