Qubad Talabani reaffirms PUK’s readiness for ‘pure’ and ‘fair’ election

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The head of President Mam Jalal’s office, Qubad Talabani, on Sunday, reaffirmed the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) readiness for a “pure” and “fair” timely election.

“We did not support delaying the election,” he said. “Currently, we have made all preparations, and elections must be held,” he added.

“We support holding a pure and fair election, with the rights of all components safeguarded.”

Talabani’s word came amid an ordinary meeting of the organizational bureau of the PUK in Sulaimani City, under his auspices.

“We will make changes in our policies to be fitted with the current situation,” Talabani said regarding the internal situation of the PUK.

“The PUK has not changed its principles and has always been with fiscal justice and healthy relationships with Baghdad,” Talabani added.

In the meantime, he reaffirmed that the PUK was the key founder of the Iraqi federalism system, according to his words.

“It’s [the PUK] the founder and protecter of the Kurdistan Region entity, including its achievements.”

Speaking on the current situation of the PUK’s relationships with the other political parties, Talabani stressed maintaining internal unity and harmony.

“We have always said that we should have good relations with parties.”

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