Turkish helicopters drop bombs on areas in Bradost northeast of Erbil – reporter

Smoke rises after Turkish military helicopters drop bombs on a mountain in Bradost region, May 30, 2021. (Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Turkish helicopters dropped bombs on areas in Bradost region in the Kurdistan Region on Sunday, Esta’s reporter said.

Esta Media Network reporter in the area said two Turkish military helicopters dropped bombs on Maramala, Robi and Rwal areas and Qalarash mountain as well as Sniny valley in Bradost, northeast of Erbil, on Sunday evening.

“The bombardment ignited a big fire in the region, and people cannot go to extinguish the fire in fear of more bombardment,” the reporter added.

Turkey regularly carries out air and ground attacks against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Kurdistan Region. It says neither the Iraqi government nor the Kurdish government has taken measures to combat the group.

The Turkish military has entered nearly 10 kilometers deep into the Kurdistan Region, according to Kurdish officials.

In April, the Turkish army set up three new military points in Hirure, Chalki and Kesta villages in Amedi district, northeast of Duhok, during a new ground and air defensive against the PKK in Duhok province.

Turkey has established a dozen military bases on the Kurdistan Region’s border as part of a military campaign against the PKK.

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