Turkey says it destroyed 40 PKK targets in Kurdistan Region

A Turkish army helicopter flying over mountains in the province of Sirnak, near the Turkish-Iraqi border, south-eastern Turkey. (AFP)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Turkey’s defense ministry said its fighter jets conducted airstrikes against nearly 40 targets of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Kurdistan Region.

The strikes were carried out in the regions of Qandil, Gara, Khwakurk and Zap in the Kurdistan Region, the Turkish defense ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The targets which the Turkish defense ministry said were destroyed included shelters, ammunition depots, and caves, according to state news agency Anadolu.

Turkey has taken its decades-old conflict with the PKK deep into northern Iraq, establishing military bases and deploying armed military drones against the fighters in their mountain strongholds.

Most of the operations have focused on territory up to 30 km (20 miles) from the border.

The PKK, designated a terrorist organization by the United States and European Union, has fought an insurgency against the state in mainly Kurdish southeast Turkey since 1984. More than 40,000 people have been killed in the conflict.

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