Fire burns down 22 tents in Zakho’s displacement camp

File – Fire burns down tents at a displacement camp in Duhok province

SULAIMANI (ESTA) —  At least 22 refugee tents were burned after a fire broke out has erupted, mirroring repeatable incidents in a displacement camp on Saturday in Zakho. 

Early Saturday, Esta Media Network reported said that a fire broke out has been reported in, Bajid Kandala, a displacement camp that was built in 2014 for Yazidis displaced after Islamic State (ISIS) militants took over Sinjar, Hosting about 5,000 Yazidi families.

The camp is situated on the outskirts of Zakho district, a few kilometers away from the point where Iraq, Syria, and Turkey borders meet in the eastern of Duhok province.

“At least 22 tents were burned, and the fire did not cause any casualties, the civil defense teams managed to control the fire,” the reporter said.

The latest fire broke out in the camp followed by similar in recent months not only in Bajid Kandala but in all of the displacement camps of Duhok province, fires blaze up mostly mysteriously without any comments from the local authorities.

This is the fifth recorded incident since January, earlier in April, a fire that broke out at Chamshko displacement camp killed a 27-year-old-man and wounded seven others.

While March, at least three tents were destroyed and two others seriously damaged at Chamshko camp due to a fire outbreak. While in January, a six-year-old girl was killed in a fire that broke out at Esyan displacement camp in Sheikhan district.



*This story was updated at 11:58 a.m. local time


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