Watchdog says, in June 94 Kurdish activists detained, numbers are rose

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — 94 Kurdish activists in Kurdish provinces of Iran have been detained by the security forces last June over being involved in political as well as civil activities, Hengaw organization reported on Sunday.

Last June, 94 Kurdish activists have been jailed inside Iran’s Islamic Republic security custody, said Hengaw watchdog for human rights.

“41 of detainees are alleged to taking part in political activity and supporting Kurdish political parties in Iran, meanwhile 49 of them have been held due to civil activates allegations”, and “4 people [Kolbars] were arrested as well,” it said.

Kolbars carry goods across the mountainous border between Iran, Iraq, and Turkey on their backs. They frequently come under fire from Iranian border guards and suffer from severe injuries and even fatalities.

Women and teachers, even underage children are included in the detainees, “Two underage children, and a newborn baby along with 49 teachers are being held as well”.

The watchdog further added that the numbers of detention are hiked in comparison to last May, at least by %160 percent. This means 58 more cases have been recorded.

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