Traffic police in Sulaimani says driving ‘dangerous’ as snow blankets city

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Sulaimani’s traffic police on Thursday called on citizens to stay at home, saying driving is “dangerous” as snow blankets the province.

The Kurdistan Region was hit by a wave of snow on Wednesday evening. A blanket of snow covered Sulaimani city and its surrounding areas.

“We warn all drivers and citizens in Sulaimani city that large amounts of snow have fallen in the center of Sulaimani city and driving is dangerous,” the directorate of traffic police said in a statement.

“Traffic collisions could occur,” the directorate added.

It called on citizens to stay for their safety.

Meanwhile, the directorate of traffic police in Erbil called drivers to avoid using the main roads between Erbil and Shaqlawa, Erbil and Koya, and Shaqlawa and Hiran.

The Gomaspan road to Safin mountain and Kapki Garona is also not safe for driving, it added.

It also called on drivers to not use Zinatir-Balisan-Ranya road, Koya-Haibasultan- road, and Koya-Klka Smaqa.

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