The KRG Ministry of Electricity: We’re still waiting to address the attack’s aftermath

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) The Ministry of Electricity of the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) says, “We are waiting for the legacy of last night’s attack to be resolved and the electricity situation to return to normal.”.

The Ministry of Electricity of the KRG has announced that “after the drone attack on the Kormor field, we have been compensated for the reduction of 2,500 MW of electricity production and the level of electricity production has reached 1,600 MW.”.

The ministry further stated, “We are currently waiting for the situation to normalize and to resolve the aftermath of the attack and restore gas pressure at the three stations in Erbil، Sulaimani، and Bazian.”.

Four workers were killed and two others injured in a drone attack on the Kormor gas field in Chamchamal last night.

The attack also caused heavy damage to the field and reduced electricity production by 2,500 MW.

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