More than 10 people died in Erbil floods

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — More than 10 people died after floods hit Erbil early on Friday, Esta Media Network reporter said.

Heavy rains triggered flash floods in several areas in Erbil province around 3 a.m. on Friday, according to authorities.

Esta’s reporter said more than 10 people died in the floods, including five Arabs.

Earlier, Erbil Governor Omed Khoshnaw said five people from two families of Daratu sub-district died in the floods.

Another person was hit by lightning strike, he said in a statement.

“A child has gone missing,” he added.

Authorities have yet to announce the official figures.

In October, flash floods also caused severe damages to the several places in Erbil. Authorities said home furnishing and equipment of 500 families were “completely destroyed” in the floods.

As many as 130 cars, 127 houses, two schools and a number of other projects were also damaged in the floods

*This story was updated at 04:25 p.m. EBL time 

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