EP’s Kurdish Friendship Group calls for investigations into Turkey’s use of ‘chemical weapons’

The Kurdish Friendship Group in the European Parliament calls on international authorities to send a delegation to investigate the allegations

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdish Friendship Group in the European Parliament called for international investigations into Turkey’s use of “chemical weapons” in the Kurdistan Region.

More than 100 lawmakers, journalists, intellectuals and activists had alerted the international community about the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Turkish military in the Kurdistan Region, the group said on Wednesday.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has accused the Turkish military of using “chemical weapons and poison gases” in its operation against the group in Kurdistan.

On Oct. 24, the PKK military wing said Turkey had used “chemical weapons” nine times in one day against its fighters in Avashin region in Kurdistan.

“Turkey policy of aggression against the Kurdish territories of Syria (Rojava) and Iraq is increasingly brutal and systematically violates international law,” the Kurdish Friendship Group said in a statement.

“Without a vigorous and urgent intervention, Turkey would be encouraged in its practices that endanger peace in this part of the world,” it added.

The Kurdish group in the European parliament called on the international authorities to “act quickly and send a delegation to investigate”.

The Kurdish Friendship Group was established in 2019, aiming to provide a forum of support and discussion for issues of concern relating to the Kurdish people.

Turkey regularly carries out air and ground attacks against the PKK in the Kurdistan Region. It says neither the Iraqi government nor the Kurdish government has taken measures to combat the group.

The Turkish military has established a dozen military bases in the Kurdistan Region’s border as part of a military campaign against the PKK.

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