Member of security forces killed in Sulaimani: Directorate

File – Emblem of Kurdish Asayish (security)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A member of the Security forces (Asayish) had been shot dead during an operation in Sulaimani, said the Directorate of Security forces on Saturday.

Amid an operation conducted by our forces aimed to detain a suspect who had an arrest warrant over drug offenses, a member of the Security forces had been shot dead after the suspect committed a confrontation against them, according to a statement released by the directorate of the security forces.

Commissioner Tebin Jamal Aziz had been shot dead by the suspect, the statement said.

“The suspect has been arrested after a confrontation in Sheikh Abas neighborhood of Sulaimani,” it said.

Drug offenses have increasingly become more frequent in the Kurdistan Region, in particular in those areas that have shared borders with Iran.

Kurdish officials have warned that drug trafficking threatens to become an epidemic if anti-narcotics forces fail to curtail its rise in the Kurdistan Region.

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