Ministry bans LPG gas system due to explosion ‘risk’

A view of a scene after a large gas cylinder exploded in a residential area in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimani, Iraq, November 17, 2022. REUTERS/Stringer

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdistan Region Ministry of Higher Education decided to ban using the LPG gas system for all purposes across its associated sub-institutions as well as students’ dormitories due to the “risk” of explosion.

The Ministry in a statement announced it decided to ban using the LPG gas system, particularly for heating as well as other purposes after the Region witnessed two LPG cylinder explosions in less than one week, resulting in more than 65 casualties.

“For the sake of public interest and the safety of our employees and students we decided to ban using the system,” it said in the statement.

It also called for an immediate follow-up of the system while any acts of negligence will face prosecution, according to the statement.

On Thursday, 15 died and 12 others were injured who were members of one family as a result of an LPG gas cylinder explosion in Sulaimani’s Kaziwa neighborhood on house. The gas explosion caused the structural collapse of a three-story house.

Just a few days later, in the city of Duhok, an LPG cylinder exploded on Tuesday on a building students dorm, killing 6 and injuring 33, exactly mirroring the incident of Sulaimani horrific gas blast scenes.

Earlier, before the Ministry, just minutes after Duhok’s gas blast, Kurdistan  Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani ordered authorities to ban the LPG gas heating system, calling for immediate investigations into the incidents.


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