Nearly 14,500 youths from Kurdistan Region migrated to Europe this year: official

Migrants walk towards the Turkey’s Pazarkule border crossing with Greece’s Kastanies, near Edirne, Turkey, March 2, 2020. (Reuters)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Nearly 14,500 youths from the Kurdistan Region have migrated to European countries this year, a parliamentary committee said on Wednesday.

Head of Kurdistan Parliament’s Committee of Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Rebwar Babkaiy said youths in the Region have left to Europe due economic crisis, political situation, injustice, and corruption.

“The curve of youths’ migration toward West has risen,” Babkaiy told Esta Media Network.

An estimated 14,500 youths have the Kurdistan Region toward the European countries and 27 others have gone missing, he said.

Nearly 450,000 people in the Region and Iraq have migrated to Europe in the past six years, he cited international organization’s statistics.

“The migration of youths has a negative impact on the human’s security, because youths are a big human capital,” Babkaiy continued.

“If migration continues, we cannot say the Kurdistan’s community is society of youths, and the power of working, defense and construction will not be available in the Region,” he noted.

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