Civilian injured in Turkish airstrikes in northeast of Duhok – official


SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A civilian was wounded in a Turkish strike on a village in Kani Mase sub-district in northeast of Duhok on Tuesday, a local official said.

Turkish fighter jets bombed several villages in Kani Mase sub-district on Tuesday morning, director of the sub-district Sarbast Sabri told Esta Media Network.

The strike wounded a 23-year-old resident of Disheshe village in the sub-district after a piece of the bombs hit him, Sarbast said.

“The health condition of the youth is stable now, and he has been transferred to his home after receiving treatment at the hospital,” he added.

Meanwhile, the village of Adne has been evacuated due to continued Turkish airstrikes, the official said.

The Turkish strikes have injured three civilians since Turkey launched an operation in Duhok province in April, according to Esta’s reporter. Three villages have been evacuated in the province.

Turkey launched a new ground and air defensive against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters in Duhok province on April 23. The Turkish military has entered nearly 10 kilometers deep into the Kurdistan Region.

The Turkish military has established a dozen military bases in the Kurdistan Region’s border areas with Turkey as part of its military campaign against the PKK.

Turkey has conducted numerous ground and aerial cross-border offensives into the Kurdistan Region to attack the PKK fighters, who maintains bases in the region.

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