Historical artifacts, bones found in Sulaimani neighborhood

Historical artifacts and bones found in a neighborhood in Sulaimani

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Historical artifacts and bones were found following the destruction of an old house in a neighborhood in Sulaimani city.

Esta Media Network reporter Bzhar Dabagh who visited the site said a person had demolished the house in Julakan neighborhood in Sulaimani without informing authorities.

A number of ancient urns, jars and bones believed to date back to the ancient Sasanian era was discovered, the reporter said.

Authorities in the city said they would file a lawsuit against the owner of the house and drivers of the loaders and trucks for destroying the house without informing them.

Archaeologist Parwin, an employee at the directorate of archaeology in Sulaimani, said the person had not informed the directorate or the Sulaimani center district before demolishing the house.

“The job must be suspended until we finish our work,” she told Esta Media Network.

“As you see, there are a lot of pieces of urns in the land. There were bones inside urns. It appears to be an archaeological site and could belong to the Sasanian era,” she said.

“It seems the person has demolished the house at night so that it would not return to our directorate to get permits,” she added. “The person should be detained.”

Member of the committee to protect archaeological sites Gulan told Esta Media Network at the site that all works in the eight neighborhoods in Sulaimani should be carried out through the committee.

“Some people do their jobs without coming back to us. This case is one of those cases. These are four [houses] that were demolished,” she said.

“Julakan neighborhood is a very important neighborhood for Sulaimani city … Some of the houses here are heritage and historical,” she added.

“There is a house over there which has a temple below, where Jews performed their worship service,” she continued.

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