The presidents of PUK and Iraq met in Baghdad

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) Bafel Jalal Talabani، President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan، met with Iraqi President Dr. Latif Jamal Rashid in Baghdad.

The meeting discussed the latest developments and political، security، and economic possibilities at the national level، and both sides were concerned about the radical solution to the problems facing the political process and management in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

The PUK president thanked Dr. Latif Jamal Rashid for his continuous efforts to bring the parties closer together and resolve the salary issues between Erbil and Baghdad. He stressed that the PUK will take any step that serves the public interest and the people in order to protect national rights and strengthen the structure of the Kurdistan Region.

The meeting also stressed the importance of supporting the government’s work in implementing service programs، improving people’s livelihoods، and fostering genuine partnerships between all nations and communities.

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