Erbil has seen a protest in response to the unfair attack

SLAIMANI – (ESTA) The governor of Erbil said, “A number of citizens have been given permission to demonstrate in front of the UN headquarters today to condemn the attack on Erbil.”.

“A number of citizens of our city have requested permission to demonstrate today in order to condemn the unjust attack on Erbil last night,” the governor of Erbil, Omid Khoshnaw, said in a statement.

Also, he mentioned, “Today at 10:30 am, young and old, to convey the voice of oppression and shame the perpetrators of these crimes in front of the UN headquarters on the 100-meter street and permission We will support them and be with them.”.

Last night, the US Consulate General and Erbil International Airport were targeted in a drone and missile strike in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Five people were martyred and six others injured.

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