The Iraqi government strongly condemns the attacks on Erbil

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has issued a statement saying, “We will file a complaint with the UN Security Council over the attacks on Erbil last night.”.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “the Iraqi government strongly condemns the attacks on the city of Erbil, which targeted residential areas and caused casualties.”.

“The Iraqi government considers these aggressive behaviors an infringement on the sovereignty and security of the Iraqi people and a violation of the principles of good neighborliness and regional security. We will take all necessary measures against them, including filing a complaint with the UN Security Council.” the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said.

He also said, “The prime minister will form a committee of inquiry headed by the national security advisor and begin to collect all the evidence of this incident and then reveal the results to the Iraqi people and public opinion and counter the accusations behind the attacks.”.

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