Iraqi House of Representatives Speaker Unelected

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) Iraq’s House of Representatives adjourned late last night without electing a new speaker.

A total of 314 Member of parliament s attended the session. In the first round, none of the candidates for Speaker of the House of Representatives could receive the required number of votes.

According to the House of Representatives’ announcement, the votes were distributed as follows: Saleem Isawi 97 votes, Shaalan Karim 152 votes, Talal Zubai 1, Amer Abdul Jabbar 6, Mahmoud Mashhadani 48 votes, and 10 votes were canceled.

The winning candidate requires an absolute majority of 165 votes of 324 to win the seat in the first round, forcing the council to resort to a second-round voting between the two candidates who received the most votes.

The House of Representatives has not announced the date of the next session for the second round of voting.

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