The 172 Anfal victims’ corpses will be brought back to Kurdistan

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) In a ceremony, the corpses of 172 Anfal victims will return to the Kurdistan Region from Baghdad.

Ramk Ramazan, the governor of Chamchamal district, who was one of the participants in the ceremony, told Esta Media Network, “The corpses of 172 Anfal victims were taken back and sent to their ancestral homeland in the Kurdistan Region.”.

“After the corpses arrive in the region, in consultation with the relevant parties and relatives of the victims, the place of burial will be determined,” he said.

DNA tests have already been conducted on the victims and their relatives by Baghdad forensic medicine. “Some of them were identified because of the tests, and about 60 of them had identity cards,” the governor of Chamchamal added.

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