More than a million square meters of Sulaimani land were freed from mining in 2023

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) The General Directorate of Mine Affairs in Sulaimani announces, “Fortunately, our employees have not encountered any untoward incidents last year, while 947,000 square meters of mine fields have been released from the records after cleaning and verifying them.”.

Mohsin Abdulkarim, Director of the General Directorate of Mine Affairs in Sulaimani, released the statistics of work and activities in 2023 and said, “One million 97 thousand 622 square meters of land have been cleared of mines, and 6 thousand 66 different types of mines and explosives have been recovered.”.

Also, he added, “In the last year, eight citizens were martyred and four others were disabled due to exposure to mines and explosives, while we have continuously opened awareness courses for citizens to avoid these disasters.”.

“Last year, we handed over 34 cleared farms to their owners, and we have also released 947,197 square meters of land from the data after cleaning and verifying the fields, while 400,147 square meters have been added to our data.”.

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