Gender-based violence declines in Sulaimani during initial half of 2022

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — During the initial half of this year, women’s suicide cases, femicide, and sexual assault have declined in Sulaimani as awareness has been raised among individuals, said the spokeswoman of the Directorate of combating violence on Sunday.

Spokeswoman of combating violence directorate Raz Frya said that the awareness among the individuals has been raised, and as the result “we receive more calls”.

During the six initial months of 2022, five femicide cases along with 13 women’s suicide have been recorded, the spokeswomen said, adding “in the same period 31 sexual assaults on women, have been recorded as well.”

In comparison to the last year, the cases have declined, in 2021 six femicides, and 33 sexual assaults with at least 16 suicide cases by women have been recorded.

The awareness has been raised according to the spokeswoman’s words, highlighting that they receive more calls than before.

“The people have realized that there is a directorate in which the right-owners can file lawsuits and defend their rights.”

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