US-led Global Coalition condoles CTG over Arbat drone attack

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The US-led Global Coalition on Thursday condoled the Sulaimani-based Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTG) after three of its members were killed in a drone strike, according to a statement.

His press office in a statement revealed that Kurdistan Region Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani received a high-level delegation of the US-led Coalition in Erbil today.

Among the delegation was the US Consul General to Erbil, Mark Stroh.

During the meeting, Sep. 18 deadly drone strike that rocked the Arbat airport south of Sulaimani was discussed, according to the statement.

“The Coalition delegation extended their condolences over the martyrdom of three CTG members and wished a speedy recovery for the wounded,” the statement said.

“The CTG has been a significant ally of the Coalition during the last two decades in the fight against terror in the region,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“Such attacks mark a grave threat to the security of Iraq and the region,” he added.

Talabani also called on the Coalition to have serious stances on the Sep. 18 strike and protecting Iraq’s and the Kurdistan Region’s sovereignty.

“Both sides agreed that the security situation of the region has become complicated recently,” the statement continued, adding that they have called for further coordination between the Kurdish and Iraqi forces.

Peshmerga reforms

The statement also highlighted that the Deputy Prime Minister and the Coalition delegation also discussed the reforms within the Region Peshmerga Ministry.

“The reforms have not been implemented properly as a result of Peshmerga Minister,” the Deputy Prime Minister told the delegation.

“We appointed a candidate as an acting minister in order to endure the reforms,” Talabani added, wishing Peshmerga reforms to be relaunched as soon as possible.

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