Deputy Premier briefs British Ambassador on Kurdistan’s political situation

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Deputy Premier Qubad Talabani on Sunday briefed British Ambassador to Iraq Mark Bryson-Richardson on the political situation and internal issues of the Kurdistan Region.

Deputy Premier Talabani met with Ambassador Richardson in the city of Erbil and highlighted issues related to the upcoming Reginal elections, including disagreements between the political parties.

“Our recent meetings with the political parties were positive regarding the Regional elections,” Talabani said, according to a post on his Facebook page.

“Only a few disputed points have remained which are related to the quota seats and there is the prospect to be resolved,” He added.

Regarding the tensions and disagreements between the Kurdish political parties which have seriously escalated lately, Talabani stated that “we’re optimistic about reaching final agreements soon enough.”

“There are some attempts in the direction of de-escalation of the situation and addressing the problems,” He noted. “We’re hoping to resolve a part of our issues soon enough.”

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