Kurdistan Ministry restricts press conferences for certain media outlets

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdistan Region Health Ministry restricts press conferences for certain media outlets, according to Esta reporter on Saturday.

Kurdistan Health Ministry on Saturday held a press conference in Erbil for reporters about the confiscation of smuggled medicine in the Region.

The conference was restricted for several certain media outlets, marking a new violation against the freedom of the press in the Kurdistan Region which is blatant discrimination against journalists.

Esta reporter in Erbil Dyar Hussein who attempted to participate in the press conference said that the Ministry’s officials at the conferences told us that only reporters of the invited media outlets are allowed to participate.

“The press conference is private,” the Health officials at the press conference told Esta’s Hussein.

Among those media outlets who were excluded during the press conference were (Esta Media Network, Kobas, NRT, Shar press, Zoom, SNN, Paragraph, KNN, Wlat, and Kirkuk).

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