Three students infected with coronavirus in Kurdistan’s Kalar – official

A general view of Kalar city

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Three students have been infected with the novel coronavirus in the Kurdistan Region’s city of Kalar, a health official said on Saturday (February 13).

Director of Qala Hospital Adnan Zahawi said a COVID-19 unit had conducted tests for students in a classroom in Shahid Aram High school in Kalar after authorities were informed of a suspected case there.

“Three students were found to have been infected with the coronavirus,” Zahawi told Esta Media Network.

“It is still unclear how the students caught the virus,” he said.

On Thursday, Kurdistan Region’s Health Minister Alan Hama Saeed said a few cases of COVID-19 had been recorded among students in schools, but declined if it was a scary number.

Schools were reopened on February 7 after the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Supreme Committee for Coronavirus Response decided to resume in-person education for all students in the Region.

The KRG delayed resumption of in-person classes for most students in autumn when the academic year began in the Kurdistan Region. The government cited the seriousness of the pandemic at the time.

The education minister hoped the decision to reopen schools would last longer and that the virus cases would not force officials to make other decisions.

The Kurdistan Region had recorded 106,870 cases of the novel coronavirus, with 3,496 deaths and 102,234 recoveries, the KRG health ministry said on Saturday.

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