Kurdistan launches another phase of gun eradication campaign

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan Region Ministry of Interior announced another phase of the unlicensed gun eradication campaign on Thursday.

One week-long campaign to confiscate unlicensed weapons has been announced, the speaker to the Interior Ministry said.

Speaking at a press conference the speaker said that the campaign will commence next week, labeling the process “the week of weapons eradication.”

He also told the reporters that all of the administration units across the Kurdistan Region have been notified to form joint units.

“Throughout that week the tasked authorities must search all public places including those that they would get information about it,” the Speaker said.

The official said there would be roadblocks everywhere, “Every vehicle will be searched to confiscate unlicensed guns.”

“Why do you need a weapon while police, Asayish [the Security Forces], and Peshmerga can protect you,” the official added.

Back then, in June, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani ordered the shutting down of all markets selling firearms as well as the confiscation of unlicensed weapons.

Barzani’s decision came as the Region was experiencing a surge in gun crimes.

According to estimates, 70 percent of the Kurdistan Region citizens possess their own weapons.

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