Islamic Scholars’ Union of Kurdistan opposes bill to combat family violence

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Islamic Scholars’ Union of Kurdistan in a statement on Friday stood against a bill that the Kurdistan Region parliament put on its agenda to vote for shortly concerning combating family violence.

The Kurdistan Region parliament has an agenda to legislate a law in which one of its articles prohibits “forced sexual intercourse” with wives, the bill deems it as domestic violence against women unless they agree to do so.

Islamic Scholars’ Union of Kurdistan in a statement said that the bill completely contradicts the society’s customs and Islamic sharia.

“The bill is not convenient with Islamic Sharia and contradicting custom, the reality of the Kurdish society and social peace,” the Union said in the statement. “It has the potential to leave negative impacts on the family’s characteristics.”

The Union also urged the lawmakers to not pass a bill that is unsuitable for the Kurdish culture, according to the statement.

“MPs should not pass a bill that unsuitable with our traditions, must refuse to pass such law,” it said.

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