Erbil’s court convicts brother of ‘Maria’ well-known TikToker for murdering his sister

Assailants shot dead Maria in Erbil on Sunday night

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The court in Erbil on Tuesday convicted the brother of Iman Sami Maghdid a well-known social media activist for murdering his sister in early March.

20-year-old Maghdid, who was known as Maria was shot dead by assailants on Erbil’s 100 meters street late at night in March.

Maria was a well-known TikToker with a platform of over 55.6K followers. She took to social media to rebel against the community’s narratives.

Back then, police have started an investigation into the woman’s death, and her brother and uncle were identified by police as the “main suspects”, Esta reported at that time said.

The court in Erbil hosted the last session of Maria’s case trial on Tuesday, convicting her brother for murdering Maria and sentencing him to 15 years in prison.

Erbil’s Court also found Maria’s uncle to be innocent and released him.

The death of the Kurdish social activist was tragic for locals, her death was soon declared a so-called “honor-killing”.

Maria was still in her early twenties when she was murdered by his brother, that day in March Erbil woke to news of a heinous killing of Maria.

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