Senior KDP official presumes Iraq to plunge into civil war if status quo continues

Combined picture of Secretary of KDP politiburo Fazil Mirani and supporters of Iraqi powerful Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr amid a demonstration in Baghdad

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Senior Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official warned of the continuity of Iraq’s status quo that could slide into civil war amid the continuity of the disputes, according to an article on Sunday.

Secretary of the KDP politburo Fazil Mirani in an article published on a website of a Kurdish media outlet, warned of Iraq’s political situation and the bitter rivalry among political elites, mainly among the country’s majority Shiites.

Mirani said, as long as the disputes continue, there is more possibility for the repetition of war similar to the Iran and Iraq war in the 1980s or the Lebanon civil war in the 1970s during the past century.

As the main part of Iraq’s political component, Mirani spoke about the Kurdistan Region’s status in the current political disputes, ensuring that they will not harm the achievements of the Kurdish people.

“We are not ready for any adventures that abolish the social contract or harm our people’s achievements,” Mirani said.

Mirani emphasized that still there are wise men that work to avoid the logic of confrontation, saying “In spite of being betrayed and attempts to burn our land but we are still making preparation for our present and future.”

“We will continue to lead the steps toward enhancing Iraq,” Mirani added.

The Intra-Shiite power struggle over gaining the upper hand in the country has led Iraq into a record of months without a government, ten-month have passed since the latest parliamentary election in October 2021, and parties have failed to reach an agreement and vote for a new cabinet.

The deep conflict between the Iraqi parties has delayed the process to form a government. With the Shiites divided there are fears that Iraq could slide into intra-sectarian violent conflict.

The standoff has raised fears of renewed unrest in a country where militias wield significant power and is already taking a toll on the most vulnerable.

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