One Kolbar was shot dead by Iranian armed forces, says Kolbar website

File – An undated photo of a number of Kolbars (porters) climb a mountain

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iranian armed forces shot a group of Kolbars on Tuesday in Oshnavieh province at least one of them was killed according to an affiliated news outlet to the Kolbars. 

Kolbars news reported that the Iranian revolutionary guard’s corps in the border areas of the Oshnavieh province of Iran have shot dozens of Kolbars.

“One Kolbar was killed and two were wounded,” said the Kolbar news Website.

“Mohammed Amin named Kolbar was shot dead along with his brother Abdullah Ahmedi who was wounded, and Uzair named Kolbar was severely wounded as well,” it said.

Kolbars carry goods across the mountainous border between Iran, Iraq, and Turkey on their backs. They frequently come under fire from Iranian border guards.

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