Turkish warplanes bomb Kurazhar mountain in Duhok: resident

File – Turkish fighter jets

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Turkish warplanes bombed Kurazhar mountain in Duhok province for hours on Saturday, according to a witness.

Dildar Abdulla, a resident in Deraluk sub-district, told Esta Media Network that Turkish fighter jets began bombing areas in the foothills of Kurazhar mountain in Amedi district at 07:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Airstrikes lasted hours and Turkish warplanes were continuously flying over the area, he added.

“It has created fear and anxiety among civilians,” he noted.

Casualties and damages of the strikes remained unclear.

Turkey intermittently carries out airstrikes and artillery shelling against suspected positions of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on the Kurdistan Region’s border areas with Turkey and Iran.

On Thursday, several vehicles and houses of civilians were damaged due to a Turkish strike on Hirure village in Amedi, northeast of Duhok.

The strike caused no casualties, according to Esta Media Network.

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