Police detain Iraqi father after he trafficked his daughter’s kidney

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Father detained in Baghdad after he was trafficked by his daughter’s Kidney police in a statement on Saturday said.

The Department of anti-human trafficking in Iraq’s ministry of interior said it detained a father after he trafficked his daughter’s kidney and sold it to a citizen in Duhok.

“The plan was carried out in coordination with his son as well, they sold the daughter’s kidney by 8 million Iraqi dinars [5500$] to an individual in Duhok” police said.

The offenders were detained in Ghazaliya district, west of Baghdad’s outskirts and they confessed their crimes, according to the police.

“They are being held in police’s custody in accordance to article 18th of Iraqi law to prevent organ trafficking,” it said.

Iraqi news agency on Thursday reported that the Department on Thursday was detained human organ trafficking band who dealt with human Kidney and testes.

The gang was linked to a group in Ukraine, they sold human testes for 80,000$ and kidneys for 33,000$, INA cited the director of the anti-human trafficking department in Baghdad as saying.

“Police seized as many kidneys and human testes prepared to be trafficked with Ukraine,” the director in a televised speech said.

Due to economic instability and militia activity, human trafficking has become an increasingly urgent issue in Iraq, according to analysis.


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