Iraqi militia group vows to retaliate against Israel by targeting its bases in Kurdistan Region

SULAIMANI (ESTA) —  An Iraqi militia group on Saturday vowed to retaliate against the Israeli attacks on Palestine by targeting the Israeli bases allegedly stationed in the Kurdistan Region.

Iraqi Militia group Islamic Resistance Ahrar Al-Iraq Brigade in a statement posted on its Telegram channel said, “In retaliation of attacks on Ghaza strip we will target the Israeli bases in the Kurdistan Region”.

Earlier on Friday, the tensions between Israel and Palestine were mounted again after Israel killed an Islamic jihadist group senior commander in a surprise daytime air strike on a high-rise building in Gaza City.

An Islamic Jihad official confirmed that al-Jaabari, whom the Israeli military described as the main coordinator between Islamic Jihad and Hamas, had been killed in the strikes.

Islamic Jihad, one of a cluster of Palestinian militant groups, was founded in Gaza in the 1980s and opposes political dialogue with Israel. Considered close to Iran, it is separate from Hamas but generally cooperates closely with the movement, according to Reuters.

Since late Friday a devastating rocket attack was launched by both sides and it has not been over yet, resulting in the killing of many civilians as local news outlets in Israel as well as in Palestine reported.

“Zionist occupation and its bases in northern Iraq that we have designated are our target, we will launch an attack soon as we had done against the U.S. and Turkish occupation bases in Iraq before” Islamic Resistance Ahrar Al-Iraq Brigade added in the statement.

Recently, also a newly formed group Ahrar Al-Iraq Brigade has claimed responsibility for dozens of rocket and drone strikes on Turkish military positions in the Kurdistan Region.

Despite the accusations from Iran and Pro-Iran militias in Iraq for hosting Israeli bases in the Kurdistan Region, neither Israel nor the Region’s government confirmed whether there are any bases belonging to Israel.

The officials in the Region have repeatedly refused such a allegations formally and called as fabricated and baseless.

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