Iraq’s air defense system shoots down drone west of Baghdad

A combined picture of a drone shot down by Iraq’s air defense systems targeting an air base in west of Baghdad, May 24, 2022.

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraq’s air defense systems shot down an explosive-laden drone targeting an air base in west of Baghdad, the Iraqi military said on Tuesday.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell said the drone was trying to approach Martyr Mohammed Alaa Air Base in west of Baghdad.

“The drone was shot down after it was monitored,” the Iraqi military said in a tweet. “It was not authorized to reach the area and did not obtain any official approvals to fly within this sector.”

The U.S.-led Coalition forces said the continuity of the attacks would undermine efforts to protect the Iraqi people.

“The malign actors who launched & operated this UAS have demonstrated, yet again, a total disregard for the loves of the Iraqi citizens & innocent air travelers,” it said in a tweet.

Militias operating in the country have launched drone and rockets attacks against military bases hosting U.S.-led Coalition troops in the past months.

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