KJS releases latest report on press crackdown, violence against journalists in IKR

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdistan Journalist Syndicate (KJS) on Monday released its latest report on violence against journalists and media outlets for the six initial months of 2022, so-far 22 violations were recorded against 62 journalists in different news outlets. 

Freedom-press violations cases in the Kurdistan Region from January up to June were 22 cases, and at least 62 media outlets faced a crackdown, according to the Syndicate.

The Syndicate’s report indicated as well two detention cases, in which ten journalists have been detained, and blocking from press coverage and discrimination against journalists were eight cases against twenty reporters.

“Press equipment confiscation was three cases against nine journalists, in the meantime insult and attack were four cases against eight journalists,” it said.

The Syndicated further noted that one menacing incident occurred towards two journalists as well as eleven journalists were fired from their jobs in two different cases.

“Two media outlets have encountered forced closure and raiding” it added.

Previously in May, Reporters Organization for Rights and Developments said journalists in the Kurdistan Region cannot execute their job freely. Freedom of the press is being restricted day by day in the Kurdistan Region, saying that “no journalists are protected” in the Region, according to the local watchdog.

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