Iraq allocates 2 billion dinars to cope with floods in Kurdistan Region

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Iraqi government on Tuesday allocated 2 billion Iraqi dinars ($1.37 million) to cope with flash floods in the Kurdistan Region, a minister said.

Twelve people died after heavy rains triggered flash floods in 15 areas in Erbil province on Friday. Two of them including a shepherd and a 10-month-old baby are still missing.

Iraqi minister of communications Arkan al-Shibani said the council of ministers decided today to allocate 2 billion dinars from the country’s emergency budget to cope with floods in the Kurdistan Region.

Kurdish minister of municipality and tourism Sasan Awni on Monday called on the federal government to allocate compensation for people affected by the floods in Erbil.

Erbil governor Omed Khoshnaw said on Sunday that the floods destroyed more than 400 houses and damaged 867 vehicles.

The damage “is estimated at 20-21 billion Iraqi dinars ($13.6-$14.2 million),” he added.

It was the second occurrence of flooding in Erbil this year. In October, flash floods also caused severe damages to the several places in Erbil. Authorities said home furnishing and equipment of 500 families were “completely destroyed” in the floods.

As many as 130 cars, 127 houses, two schools and a number of other projects were also damaged in the floods.

The federal government allocated 3 billion Iraqi dinars ($2 million) as compensation for the people affected by the floods.

During its meeting on Tuesday, the council of ministers also decided to dedicate 500 million dinars to protect displaced camps in the Kurdistan Region.

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