Authorities warn of water shortages in Kurdistan amid low rainfalls

A view of Dukan Dam

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Authorities in Sulaimani warned on Wednesday that the Kurdistan Region could face shortages of water due to low rainfalls this year.

The Directorate of Water in Sulaimani said the level of water had decreased in both Dukan and Darbandikhan dams because of inadequate rainfalls in the Region.

“The water level at Dukan Dam has dropped by 14 meters and Darbandikhan dam’s water has decreased by 18 meters,” the directorate said in a statement.

The directorate also said the water levels had reduced due to changes in water streams flowing into both dams in Sulaimani province.

“This poses a great danger to water of both dams,” it added. “The low rainfalls also closed us from the risk of water shortages.”

The directorate of water in Sulaimani warned that the Region would face water shortages if the rate of rainfalls in 2022 was similar to this year’s rate.

“All will be in hardship,” it said.

It called on the government and other related institutions to find solutions to water shortages in the Kurdistan Region.

On April 11, General Director of Dams Akram Ahmed said this year the Kurdistan Region had half of rainfalls which it had last year.

“The situation of the dams is very bad … The small dams are better, but the big dams are very bad,” he told Esta Media Network.

Ahmed further said the dams could be filled if the neighboring countries allow flows of the rivers across the border.

“But Iran has blocked flow for 10 years, and does not answer to anybody. Iraq is also silent. The neighboring countries have held back water [behind their dams],” he continued.

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