KDP-I hands over two Iranian ‘spies’ to Kurdish judicial council – party


SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDP-I) said on Tuesday it had handed over two Iranian “spies and criminals” to the Kurdistan Region’s judicial council over involvement in a rocket attack on its bases in the Region.

The KDP-I said in a statement that 16 members of the party were killed and dozens of others were wounded in an Iranian rocket attack on its bases in the Kurdistan Region.

In September, the Iranian revolutionary guards bombarded KDP-I bases in Sidakan and Balakayati areas in the Kurdistan Region.

The bombardment came after commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Ground Force Mohammad Pakpour warned that Tehran would attack the Kurdish opposition parties’ bases in the Region.

The KDP-I said it had captured two “spies who infiltrated into the party’s Peshmerga forces”.

The Kurdish opposition party named the two as Kaiwan Fayzi and Faraz Salawati from Sanandaj.

“During the investigations, they confessed that they spied for the Islamic Republic [of Iran] and were tasked with the duty of espionage, terror and disruptive acts in the party,” the KDP-I said.

It further said it had handed over the two suspects to the Kurdistan Region’s judicial council as the “crime” was carried out in the Region’s soil and violated Kurdistan’s and Iraq’s sovereignty and rules.

“The Kurdistan Democratic Party hopes these criminals will be tried in a legally recognized court and to be punished appropriately for their actions according to legal procedures,” it added.

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