Closing schools in Kurdistan ‘a weak possibility’, says a health official

Students, wearing a protective mask due to the Coronavirus pandemic, attend the first day of the new school year in Erbil, on September 27, 2020. (AFP photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A senior health official said closing schools in the Kurdistan Region due to a rise in coronavirus cases is a “weak possibility”.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Rahel Faraidun said new measures would be taken to confront the coronavirus outbreak in Raparin administration, after infections with the virus have increased.

“COVID-19 infection is rising in Raparin now, but new measures will be taken,” Faraidun told Esta Media Network on Saturday.

The Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus will hold a meeting on Monday to discuss the situation, he said, noting that there is a “weak possibility” to close schools in the Region.

“The only weapon against coronavirus is vaccine and we call on people to get vaccinated,” he added.

Kurdish health officials have warned in the past few days that infection with COVID-19 is increasing in the Kurdistan Region, calling on people to follow health guidelines and get vaccinated.

As of Saturday, the Kurdistan Region has recorded 355,541 coronavirus cases and 6,262 deaths, according to figures released by the KRG health ministry.

On Friday, the general directorate of health in Halabja said there would be no salaries for its employees if they did not get vaccinated.

More than 652,000 people have received coronavirus vaccines across the Kurdistan Region, according to the Iraqi health ministry.

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