Father burns daughter in Sanandaj for having love affair: doctor


SULAIMANI (ESTA) — An Iranian Kurdish man burned his daughter in Sanandaj for having a love affair on Sunday, a doctor said.

Doctor Iman Navvabi at Sanandaj hospital posted a photo of the 22-year-old girl on Instagram, who was burned by his father using gasoline.

“They brought a 22-year-old girl to hospital, who was burned by his father because of having a lover,” the doctor said in the post.

Eighty percent of the girl’s body was burned, according to the doctor.

A group of activists is expected to hold a protest in the city against “honor killing”.

They will also call on the Iranian government to detain the man and prevent him from hiding under the excuse of “honor worship”.

There is little date on honor killings in Iran, where local media occasionally report on such cases. Under the law, girls can marry after the age of 13, though the average of marriage for Iranian women is 23. It is not known how many women and young girls are killed by family members or close relatives because of their actions, perceived as violating conservative Islamic norms on love and marriage.

Photos that were posted by the doctor 

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