Turkey disapproves of use of ‘Kurdistan name’ in economic forum

A Kurdish man prints a Kurdistan flag in Erbil, on June 8, 2017. (AFP photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Turkey has expressed disapproval of the use of “Kurdistan” name in an economic forum scheduled to be held in Erbil, Esta Media Network has learned.

Kurdistan Iraq Economic Forum is scheduled to be held on Sunday with the participation of Turkish Minister of Trade Mehmet Mus, who arrived in Erbil on Saturday.

Esta Media Network reporter Ayub Ali said the Turkish side had informed the Kurdistan Region’s protocol team that the name of Kurdistan should not be used in the forum and that the Kurdistan flag should also be removed.

“The response of the Kurdistan Regional Government protocol team was negative,” the reporter added, citing information.

Turkish state news agency Anadolu reported on Sunday that the Turkish trade minister would participate in the Turkey-Iraq work meeting in Erbil as part of his visit to the Kurdistan Region.

“It is still unclear if they reach an agreement on the use of Kurdistan name and flag in the forum,” the reporter noted.

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