Iraqi delegation in Halabja to prepare report on turning it into governorate

File – The Martyrs Monument in Halabja

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A delegation from the Iraqi planning university arrived in Halabja on Monday to prepare a final report about procedures to turn it into a governorate.

Esta Media Network reporter said the delegation including nine members from the Iraqi planning ministry and the directorate of governorates would stay in Halabja until Wednesday.

“The delegation will prepare its final report about turning Halabja into a governorate in terms of administration, geography and borders,” the reporter added.

“It will later submit the reporter to the council of ministers to make a decision about it.”

In 2018, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced Halabja as a fourth governorate in the region and 18th in Iraq.

In March 2021, the Iraqi parliament voted to oblige the federal government to complete procedures requiring for establishing Halabja governorate.

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