Erbil zoo says it will sue people abused animals

Photo captured from footage shows a young man abusing a goat at Erbil zoo

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Erbil Zoo said on Wednesday it would file a lawsuit against several people who had abused animals at the zoo.

Footage sent to Esta Media Network shows a number of young men mistreating and abusing animals at Erbil Zoo.

“A number of youths who visited our zoo harms our animals and abuse them,” the Erbil zoo said in a statement.

It further said it would file a lawsuit against those people through its lawyers, stressing that the aim of the zoo was to protect animals and respect them.

“The project is an educational one that shows how to respect animals,” it stated.

“We ensure all sides that our lawyers will take legal action against those from today and they will be taken to court,” it said.

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