KRG issues new decisions amid surge in COVID-19 cases

File – A Kurdish girl wearing a face mask is pictured in downtown Sulaimani. Sartep Othman/Esta Media Network

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Saturday issued a number of new decisions to curb the coronavirus in the Region.

The KRG Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus met in Erbil to discuss COVID-19 outbreak in the Region.

In a statement, the committee said movements for civilians between the Kurdistan Region, Turkey and Iran through the border crossings of Ibrahim Khalil, Haj Omran, Bashmakh and Parvez Khan would be normalized, with the establishment of centers to test people on the borders.

The committee further said visitors who test negative for COVID-19 on the border crossings would be allowed to enter the Region, while those who test positive would be returned to their own country, exempting Iraqis.

“Foreigners who need visas to enter the Kurdistan Region will not be allowed to enter the Region if they don’t have electronic visas of the Kurdistan Region or visas of the Iraqi federal government,” the committee stated.

The Region’s supreme committee also decided to allow the resumption of the Kurdistan premier league with no fans.

The committee also extended the ban on weddings, funerals, cemetery visiting and gatherings, authorizing police stations to take measures and fine people 2 million Iraqis dinars ($1,675) for violating the decision.

“All the public places such as markets, restaurants, trade places, etc. should not allow the entrance of people to their places without wearing masks. Otherwise, the place will be closed for 10 days and its owner will be fined 1 million Iraqi dinars,” the statement read.

Employees at the government and private institutions “should also be committed to wearing masks and following protective measures,” the committee said.

“Anybody who is not wearing face masks in line with these measures will be fined 20,000 dinars,” it added.

“Drivers and passengers must wear masks when the drivers carry passengers. Otherwise, the drivers will be fined 50,000 dinars.”

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