Kurdish man, woman attacked and beaten in Turkey – footage

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Kurdish man and woman from Iranian Kurdistan were attacked and beaten by a Turkish man in Turkey as they were on a tourist trip, the woman said in footage circulated on social media.

The woman said in the footage that an owner of a restaurant in Turkey had beat her and her husband in the restaurant.

She added that police “backed” the restaurant owner when they arrived at the scene and that they didn’t receive any statement from the family.

The two showed bruises on their bodies in the video which was released on Wednesday.

“I don’t know with what he beat us, whether a knife or what,” the woman said in the video.

The incident came after a Kurdish family from the Kurdistan Region’s capital, Erbil, were also attacked by a group of Turks Bozyazi district in Mersin in May.

Two members of the family including a father and a son were wounded.

In 2019, a group of tourists from the Kurdistan Region carrying a Kurdistan flag scarf was attacked by locals in the city of Trabzon as they were trying to take pictures.

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