Kurdish man in Kirkuk makes traditional tandoor for baking, cooking

Two Kurdish boys are making tandoors in a neighborhood in Kirkuk city. (Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Kurdish man in Kirkuk makes traditional tandoor for baking and cooking.

Sarwar Hussein, a resident of Kirkuk city, says he has worked as a tandoor maker in the neighborhood of Piryali in Kirkuk city since 2007.

“If you ask any person how long it’s been done, they will say it goes back to at least 150 years,” Hussein tells Esta Media Network.

Hussein notes that red sand without rocks, hay, salt and water are needed to make a tandoor.

There are three to four sizes of tandoor, including small, medium and large, Hussein says. There is another size which is used for cooking.

A tandoor which is about 35 layers takes seven to eight days to be completed during summer, Hussein further says.

“It will be completed sooner when it is hot.”

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