Iraq gives 48-hour deadline to Asiacell to halt 4G internet service

A combined picture of the logos of Iraqi commission of communications and media and Asiacell

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraqi Commission of Communications and Media has given a 48-hour deadline to Asiacell operator based in Sulaimani city to halt its 4G internet service.

In a statement on Thursday, the commission said the telecommunications company had violated instructions and obligations by launching the fourth-generation internet service.

Asiacell announced on its website on Wednesday that the 4G service is available in all cities and towns in Iraq. “Enjoy the fastest internet with the 4G service from Asiacell,” it stated.

The Iraqi commission of communications and media called on Asiacell to fulfil measures and decisions made by the country’s judicial power and to halt the service due to its failure to commit to terms of contracts.

It further said it would take financial and legal measures against the company if it failed to halt the service after the deadline.

“The commission is going to take the necessary measures in accordance with the licensing contract concluded with the company to correct the legal status of the company and the obligation not to publish services without obtaining necessary license,” the commission said.

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