Dust storm sweeps through Najaf governorate, killing one

A car stops at a checkpoint during a dust storm near al-Qaim shortly after the border town was retaken from the Islamic State, al-Qaim, Iraq, Nov. 6, 2017. (Al-Monitor)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A 7-year-old girl has died after a deadly dust storm hit Najaf governorate on Friday, according to local officials.

A dust storm swept throug many areas in the governorate on Friday, national Iraqi news agency reported.

The directorate of health in Najaf said in a statement that the girl died due to breathing difficulties caused by the storm.

Shafaaq news cited local officials as saying that more than 150 citizens were injured in the province.

Two people who were on board a boat also went missing in the district of al-Nour, Shafaaq news said.

“We did not receive any information about the dust storm from the authorities,” head of health directorate’s press office told Shafaaq news on Friday.

Iraq is one of the Middle East countries worst affected by dust and sand storms.

In 2019, five people died and more than 60 others were also injured after a deadly dust storm swept through several cities in southern Iraq.

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