Committee formed to investigate surge in COVID-19 deaths in Sulaimani: officials

File – People are walking in downtown Sulaimani. Sartep Othman/Esta Media Network

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A committee has been formed to investigate a surge in number of deaths due to coronavirus in Sulaimani, local officials told Esta Media Network.

The province of Sulaimani has seen a rise in number of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks. The Region’s ministry of health recorded 16 deaths on Saturday, of which five were in Sulaimani.

Deputy director of health in Sulaimani Herish Said Saleem said the directorate had already formed a committee to investigate the reason of the increase.

“We want to find out whether the problem is from us as health sector or the patients. If it is from us, we will solve it. If it is from patients, we will instruct them,” he told Esta Media Network on Saturday.

The committee supervised by the general-directorate of health in Sulaimani includes physicians and members of the directorate, according to the official.

The Kurdistan Region had recorded 49,628 cases as of Saturday, of which 16,487 were in Sulaimani. Up to 915 patients had died from the virus in the province.

Herish Haidar, supervisor for a team to deal with the virus in Sulaimani, said patients from Basra to all the other cities in the Kurdistan Region come to the province to receive treatment in the hospitals because health services “are better and free of charge”.

“So, there will be an increase in number of deaths because of the high number of patients,” he told Esta Media Network.

“Patients from Najaf, Basra, Baghdad and other places come to Sulaimani,” he said.

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